Healer - magnetizer and bone-setter - reflexologist


My approach is a holistic method enriched by ancestral wisdom, drawing on this wisdom with the aim of attacking the cause of disease in order to treat it better.


This method serves as a complement to a doctor's treatment and does not seek to counteract it. It cannot replace your current medical treatment as prescribed by your doctor and should never be seen as a substitute for it, for any reason !!!


A session lasts approximately 30 minutes. The typical session length is provided for information only and may change depending on individual circumstances.


The healer's techniques include magnetism, nutrition, herbal medicine, aromatherapy, water divining, bone-setting and reflexology.


During the first session, we jointly develop a complete account of the situation at hand and analyze its various aspects. Once all the information has been recorded, we draw up a treatment plan to be followed over the course of the next few sessions as required.


If no improvement has been noted after three to five sessions (depending on the condition being treated) then it may be more appropriate to switch to a different kind of therapy. However, certain people who are older or who have more serious conditions may need a longer, more regular course of treatment."


Christophe Limayrac
Healer & Bone-setter