In the words of those who have gone before us



The Magnetizer by Hector Durville: "All bodies in nature, and especially animate beings, continually exert a force on one another, and this continuous action and reaction is known as magnetism, which is the reciprocal relationship between vibratory bodies." The leading lights of animal magnetism include Paracelsus, Mesmer, Durville and Jagot.

Animal Magnetism by Professor De Robert: "Magnetism is a unique physical force. It gives life to organisms and cells and can be transmitted to the sick by the intervention of a magnetizer who has an excess of magnetism."

The Healer by J.C Collard: "A person who can help any living being to free itself from a physical, mental, emotional, energetic or spiritual sickness. The tools that nature provides to healers are difficult to define and are not empirically demonstrated by science. The profession is not yet regulated in France. Healers may be born with the gift of healing or may develop it; they may obtain it if they lack it and may regain it if they have lost it. The absence of a rigorous control of the results obtained does not enable him to report cases of true healing."


Magnetism: the flour that binds the cake together.

The healer is often the last resort of a patient who has been let down by conventional medicine. The healer acts to complement medical treatments to address both serious and more routine conditions."

Christophe Limayrac

Magnetizer & Bone-setter